Pulau Redang Top Attractions

redang sea beach  One mention of the word Redang and the image of a beautiful island resort will come to mind. Pulau Redang lies off the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is part of the Terengganu state and is one of the top travelling destinations of Malaysia. In fact, Redang Island has often been listed as one of the most beautiful islands in the country.

Beautiful and amazing sights of Redang Island

1024px-Pasir_PanjangRedang Island is often associated with Redang Marine Park. It is located not far from Perhentian Islands, another top island getaway. If you are visiting Redang Island, chances are you will be very overwhelmed with the beautiful sights and sounds of some of the most beautiful beaches and jungles around.

Walk the Beach

This would be the best thing you can do in Redang Island. The natural geographic landscape of Redang Island means that you will be able to appreciate the white, sandy beaches. As such, you can just enjoy the sand and sea from the doorstep of the resort you are staying in. That is when you will be enjoying the cool, sea breeze flowing in and the sounds of splashing waves.

Water Sports

You can enjoy an array of water sports around Redang Island. From jet-skiing to kayaking, you can very much get these equipment from the resorts you are staying in. Meanwhile, you can walk around the beaches to find a lot of operators offering such services. Most of the operators will provide the equipment and all safety information you will need.


Redang Island has some of the most luxurious and beautiful resorts. Unlike Perhentian Island, Redang has a more upscale crowd and that is why the resorts here are slightly costlier. Along Pasir Panjang, you will find a lot of upmarket resorts where you can enjoy all the facilities that come with them. This is all along the eastern coast of the island. Take your time to pick and choose the suitable resort for your holiday and have an unforgettable trip.


By far the most popular sport here. If you like to see the amazing sea-creatures that come to the shore, then you can head out to the many snorkelling spots around Redang Island. Most resorts here have such facilities where they codon off a location in the waters for you to snorkel. They will provide you with the appropriate equipment.

On the other hand, some operators provide snorkelling services at the public beaches. You can choose these services where there might even be excursions further out from the beach.


If you are a nature lover, you would have come to the right place in Redang Island. If you prefer not to spend too much time near the waters, then there are some land attractions as well. The wildlife here in Redang Island is very diverse where you will find a lot of different species of animals. Take walks along the nearby forest and you could spot some monitor lizards. Besides that, you will come across a lot of flora and fauna or even spot some monkeys.


Scuba diving is another very popular attraction here. It is not the most preferred destinations among divers but has a lot to offer nonetheless. The waters here are actually flawlessly clean and very clear throughout the year. However, visibility might be quite different around the year end when the rainy season comes along.

Diving here can be quite exciting considering that you will find lot of sea creatures and corals. If you are lucky, you might spot some reeftip sharks and even turtles too. Most resorts will have such services while there are excursions to other islands as available as well.